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        1. Products

          Main Features

          1. The vehicle frame adopts manganese steel materials with reasonable structure, which greatly improves the safety and reliability; 
          2. It adopts brushless center-mounted motor matching with brushless ultra-silent controller, featuring low noise, small vibration and comfort riding; 
          3. The heightened guardrail container increases the cargo capacity of container, absorbs shock of front fork and contributes to the driving comfort; 
          4.  It adopts the hub rear double footbrake, which is characterized by safety, reliability and low braking noise;
          5. It has the reversing, parking and anti-theft alarm functions, featuring the convenience in driving and parking as well as safety and reliability in parking;
          6. The five-for-one rear tail lamp, with brand new model, is beautiful and generous. 

          Technical parameters

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          Technical parameters

          Overall dimension of tricycle(L*W*H)(mm) 2300*940*1200
          Loading capacity (kg) 300
          Weight (kg) 135
          Wheel base (mm) 1200*700*1200
          Continuous travel (km) ≥35
          Tire size 18″*2.125
          Max speed(km/h) ≤27
          Model Maintenance-free LSA battery
          Capacity(Ah) 17
          Longevity Charging 500 times
          Voltage(v) 48
          Type Electromotor brushless
          Rated output power(W) 350
          Power consumption of every charging(kW.h) 0.9
          Charging current 1.8±0.1A
          Charging time 6-8hours
          Qty in 20/40HQ(unit) 16/50
          Color Red/Yellow
          Other 12Ah battery

          Product specifications

          Service support

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