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        1. Products

          Main Features

          1. The brand new lengthening and enlarged cab and automobile body with brand new design are allocated to further enlarge the driving space, further improving the comfort level;
          2. The brand new models headlamp combined by crystal is adopted, and the headlamp and steering lamp is combined to upgrade uniformly with the luminance increased and driving safety improved effectively;
          3. The 200 water-cooled engine is adopted to enlarge the water tank and fan, effectively lowering the engine temperature and extending the service life of the engine;
          4. The hydraulic brake is more sensitive, leading a safer driving on the mountainous road;
          5. The decoration in the cab is entirely upgraded which highlight the luxury.

          Technical parameters

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          Technical parameters

          Displacement(cc) 200
          Main Parameter
          overall dimensions of vehicle(mm) 3450*1370*1800
          overall dimensions of cargo box(mm) 2000*1300*360
          Fuel consumption(L/km) 5L/100
          Loading capacity(kg) 1200
          Max speed(km/h) ≤65
          Engine Single cyclinder,Water-cooled,4-stroke
          Rated power(ph) 18.5
          Fuel tank capacity(L) 20
          Start mode Kick
          Gears of gearbox/reverse 5/1
          Real axle Full floating
          Driving type Shaft transmission
          Tire(F/R) 4.50-12/4.50-12
          Brake type Drum
          Qty in 40HQ(units) 6
          color Yellow/Blue/Green
          - 250cc engine/spare tyre/Two speed gearbox(H/L speed)

          Product specifications

          Service support

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