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        1. Products

          Main Features

          1. It adopts brushless DC motor, which is characterized by strong capacity for overload protection, high torque, long full charge endurance and low noise;
          2. The continuously variable transmission is characterized by stability and low noise;
          3. It adopts tubular lead-acid battery and polyster pipes, featuring low resistance and good acid-permeability; 
          4. The two-stage intelligent charger, which is characterized by energy efficiency, is adaptable to wide voltage and available for continuous regulation of current;
          5. The controller has the runaway protective function, which makes driving more safe;
          6. It is equipped with the drum brake, featuring good braking performance. 

          Technical parameters

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          Technical parameters

          Overall dimension of tricycle(L*W*H)(mm) 3560*1385*1820
          Loading capacity (kg) 400
          Weight (kg) 580
          Wheel base (mm) 2000*1350*320
          Continuous travel (km) ≥100
          Tire size 4.50-12/4.50-12
          Max speed(km/h) ≤25
          Model Lead Acid Battery
          Capacity(Ah) 120
          Longevity Charging 500 time
          Voltage(v) 60
          Type DC SepEx
          Rated output power(W) 1200
          Power consumption of every charging(kW.h) 9
          Charging current 15A
          Charging time 6-10hours
          Qty in 20/40HQ(unit) 20(SKD)
          Color Green
          Other -

          Product specifications

          Service support

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