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        1. Products

          Main Features

          The integrative vacuum pump, with built-in oil circulation system, owns gas and oil separator, which avoids the disadvantage that the product cannot be used in winter and has high failure rate.
          The combination of multi-position valve and vacuum pump has good sealing performance as well as simple and flexible operation.
          The tank adopts extra-heavy high-tensile steel plate, which is a shape of quadrangle great circular arc, processed by acid washing and phosphorization and has strong anti-corrosion performance; and the tank enlarges the manhole and owns the hole to pull out materials without worries about blocking.
          Adopt newly anti-overflow techniques, newly moisture separator and pipeline anti-corrosion ball valve, the latter of which has great sealing performance and long service life.
          Enlarge the wheel base.
          The hose type sighting tube is to ensure that the fluid level is under control.

          Technical parameters

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          Technical parameters

          loading capacity 1.5 tons
          Overall dimensions of vehicle (mm) 3830*1360*1920
          Overall dimensions of cargo (mm) -
          Rated power (hp) 20
          Displacement ( ml) 1150
          curb weight( kg) 1130
          max speed(km/h) 49
          tire size (F/R) 5.00-14/6.50-16
          brake system Drum
          brake system move:foot brake;stop:hand brake
          Frame straight beam whole welding frame
          Rear axle hydraulic full floating
          dump equipment No
          color red/blue
          optional 5+1 rear axle/7.00-16 rear tyre/water tank/fence/coke box

          Product specifications

          Service support

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